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Rainforest Research


RainforestRainforests can be defined as forests growing in areas with heavy rainfall. Rainforests are characterized by dense plant growth, rich soil and abundant wildlife. Tropical rainforests are found in warmer areas while temperate rainforests are found in cooler areas. Rainforests are extremely rich in biodiversity.

CSE's rainforest research focusses on the tropical rainforests located in the northern parts of Australia based at the CSIRO Tropical Forest Research Centre.

CSE takes a unique approach to rainforest research as we look at the social and economic aspects of tropical rainforests as well as rainforest ecology. We seek to find a balance between the conservation of tropical rainforests and the effects of human activity in surrounding areas.

Our rainforest research activities include:

  • investigating seed dispersal in the wet tropics.
  • understanding the growth and the dynamics of rainforest trees.
  • climate forecasting and and looking at the effects of climate change on rainforests.
  • developing conservation techniques and population monitoring procedures for rainforest animals.

Read about an example of CSE's rainforest research in the following article:

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Rainforest more or less? - this article considers how tropical forests might shape up in a warmer world. ECOS 111, April-June 2002 (572 Kb)


Current Research

bullet Sustainable Tropical Ecosystem Processes - this area of research is investigating the effects of climate change on forests, the re-growth and ecology of secondary rainforests and the effect of weeds on rainforest ecosytems.

bulletTropical Biodiversity - CSE researchers are developing priorities for regional biodiversity conservation, mechanisms of seed dispersal in rainforests and the ecology of tropical vertabrate species.

bulletRainforest seed dispersal: a threatened ecological process

bulletClimate change and rainforest birds' vulnerability to mosquito-borne disease

bulletThreatened species and ecosystems of coastal north Queensland

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