Sustainable use of rangelands in the 21st Century
on the road to a better future for the Western Division of NSW

The people of the Western Division care what their future will be and how they will get there. They want land use to be sustainable in three tightly linked dimensions: environment, society and economy. Working alongside staff from CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems and the Department of Land and Water Conservation, representatives of stakeholder sectors, lobby groups and state agencies; they have sketched a vision of that future. The vision includes how they could use and share land and how policies and laws need to be changed if their goals are to be achieved. This website documents how that vision was created.

At present some parts of the site contain summary material only, but we will progressively update these with detail.

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An overall view of the project
History of the Division, stakeholders' views, future sustainability and proposals for institutional change Psychological, ecological, political, economic and complex systems frameworks supporting the process
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