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Ecosystem Services


Across the planet animals, plants and microorganisms constantly interact with each other and the environment. It is these interactions which define ecosystems. CSE researchers have started to look more closely at ecosystems and the services ecosystems provide for us.

Alpine LandscapeSome examples of ecosystem services include; pollination of crops and native vegetation, shade and shelter, maintenance of fertile soil, clean water and climate regulation.

Ecosystem services help to sustain and fulfill human life and CSE is examining new ways to measure and value ecosystem services.

Further information and examples of our research can be found in the Ecosystem Services Fact Sheet PDF icon(395kb).


Current Research

bulletEcosystem Services Project - the aim of this project is for scientists and communities to learn together about how to deliver the right information to decision makers to move towards more sustainable land management practices.

bulletMeasuring and Modelling Sustainable Development in Australia - as part of CSIRO's Emerging Science initiative CSE, in collaboration with a wide range of government and other agencies, is undertaking this project to develop a pilot framework for measuring and modelling sustainable development, at the regional scale, in Australia. Visit the project website or view the project flyer [PDF file, 111kb] for more information.

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