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This data set on material flows in the Asia and Pacific Region was produced as part of a collaborative research project funded by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Further information on the UNEP may be found at http://www.unep.org/ . The data set has been used for two United Nations reports:

  • UNEP (Forthcoming). Resource Efficiency: Economics and Outlook for Asia and the Pacific. CSIRO Publishing, Canberra
  • ESCAP/ADB/UNEP 2010. Preview, Green Growth, Resources and Resilience: E nvironmental sustainability in Asia and the Pacific. Bangkok: United Nations (available in September 2010).

The dataset on Asia-Pacific material flows is based on international data sources and most recent methodology for material flow accounts. Please refer to the technical annex for a detailed description of data sources and methods.

Material flows and resource productivity indicators are among the most important indicators available for monitoring changes in the patterns and rates of resource use as economies grow. As incentives and interest in building green economies through the promotion of green growth expands, this data is intended to help governments, policy researchers and all interested stakeholders to i) develop a better understanding of how economic growth patterns influence resource use ii) evaluate the impacts of policies that have been adopted in the past; and iii) and to develop effective strategies to minimize resource use through targeted sustainable consumption and production policies and actions.

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